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Membership in Nalandabodhi Philadelphia

Once you have explored our offerings and experienced our community, you may wish to make a stronger connection to Nalandabodhi. In doing so, you can support Nalandabodhi as well as continue your own journey. For many people, becoming a Nalandabodhi member is a step toward engaging more fully in one or more of the three paths that we offer.


We encourage members to consider engaging in a daily meditation practice with guidance from a Practice Instructor, an experienced practitioner and personal mentor who can suggest classes and readings to strengthen your meditation practice. Practice instruction is offered free of charge to members. Opportunities for group practice and instruction are also available weekly. 


Our study path provides a comprehensive introduction to Buddhism to deepen understanding of the teachings. Members who feel inspired by the study path are encouraged to engage in the curriculum created from the teachings of Nalandabodhi’s founder and spiritual director, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche.

Mindful Activity

Our mindful activity path bridges study and meditation with life “off the cushion.” This path offers methods for bringing mindfulness and compassion to everyday life–both routine moments and stressful ones. Nalandabodhi classes, programs and events are run by volunteers. Offering time and talent in this way is also a mindful activity practice, as is serving the wider community. Members are encouraged to consider the many ways mindful, compassionate activity can help us make the most of the opportunities life presents.

Formal Membership

If you feel a connection with the work of Nalandabodhi Philadelphia and wish to participate as a full member, welcome! We ask that you consider what you can contribute financially, as well as how you might like to help NB Philly happen through volunteering. There are many tasks, large and small. We aim for an average dues amount of  $40-$60 per month, but recognize that for some people the right amount will be much less and that others can manage much more. Your dues support our study curriculum, Rinpoche’s teaching, and our center’s activities.

Membership benefits include discounts on all classes and programs as well as a percentage discount on all items in our bookstore. Also, Nalandabodhi members in good standing with their local sanghas and who are also formal students of Rinpoche are eligible to attend our annual sangha retreat.

Open Participation

Formal membership is not required to participate in our community activities. If you are interested in developing a meditation practice or attending an occasional weekend program, we welcome your participation. Please visit our Donation page to find other ways to contribute financially.