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Your donation makes a difference.

Nalandabodhi is a small sangha with very few major donors. Therefore, every little effort you make in supporting our mandala makes a big difference. All your donations are applied to the activities of the dharma, so therefore, it is a practice of generosity and an accumulation of merit.​

Nalandabodhi Philadelphia

In supporting Nalandabodhi Philadelphia, you are supporting local programs and helping us to support our Nalandabodhi teachers and mission. We are deeply grateful for any financial offerings you make to our community. You can make a one time or monthly donation. Please add a note to the transaction in PayPal if your contribution is for a particular purpose, such as an offering for a course you’re taking with NB Philly. Thank you!


One Heart Mandala Fund

The One Heart Mandala Fund is Nalandabodhi International’s general operating fund that provides the resources for all our activities, daily operations, and special projects. It is the foundation of our organization’s financial health, and makes everything we do possible.