Path of Mindful Activity - Nalandabodhi Philadelphia
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Path of Mindful Activity

Path of Mindful Activity:

Integrate study and meditation into everyday life and cultivate greater kindness for oneself and others.

We can make every moment meaningful by bringing the conceptual clarity of study and the experiential base of meditation into our daily lives. 

The path of mindful activity bridges study and meditation with every aspect of our lives in concrete and practical ways. It provides a variety of methods for being present–with relaxation, curiosity, and compassion–during life’s experiences, whether they are moments of routine activity, difficult situations, or major life transitions.

Nalandabodhi Centers also seek to provide a supportive environment for members to bring mindful activity practice to the ways we organize the activities of our Centers and how we act to support the broader community. Nalandabodhi #GoKind projects include volunteering at shelters, connecting with people who are incarcerated, working with homeless and disadvantaged youth, providing food to those in need, environmental work, and visiting and supporting the elderly.

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