Interconnected – Book Discussion Group

Put simply, we can see ourselves as independent individuals or we can acknowledge our interdependence on one another and on the planet. A great deal is at stake in which of these two views–individualism or interdependence–we choose to adopt. We experience our lives differently, we relate to others differently, and the very society we create differs based on whether we believe ourselves to be fundamentally separable and independent, or fundamentally connected and interdependent.
— The Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje 

We always have been and always will be interconnected – through family, community, and shared humanity. In clear language, the Karmapa shows us how seeing and then gaining emotional awareness of our connectedness can fundamentally reshape the human race.

Please join us on Sunday mornings 10:45 – 11:45 beginning September 13th for discussion of Interconnected: Embracing Life in our Global Society, which is available at Namse Bangdzo bookstore and via Amazon. Contact to obtain the Zoom link.
Open to all. You are welcome to join the discussion at any point.

NOTE: Until further notice, we will be meeting online by videoconference.

Please contact for information on how to connect. We are taking this step out of concern for the well-being of all, given the corona virus pandemic. If you haven’t done videoconferencing before, please consider making the leap if you have access to the internet via computer or smartphone–technical help is available.