Shhhhhhhh! Rinpoche’s Birthday!

We are planning a surprise for Rinpoche, to celebrate his birthday on June 24.

Please consider submitting a description of an act of compassion to share with Rinpoche on his birthday. 

It can be big or small.

They may be acts of compassion that you have witnessed. Or ones you have read about. 

We are asking you to describe these kindnesses in three or four sentences as a gift to Rinpoche. 

Please submit them HERE by 6 p.m.  Friday, June 19 

Go Kind!

And you also may make a donation as a gift to Rinpoche.  Go to the Nalandabodhi Seattle donation page.  When you make your donation to Nalandabodhi Seattle, please write “DPR birthday” in the note on the PayPal payment area.