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Be Wise, Go Kind, Live Fully.

Welcome to Nalandabodhi Philadelphia

A space for meditation. A center for study. A community that supports your desire to live more fully. Nalandabodhi Philly is all these things.

Nalandabodhi Philadelphia is home to a community of people who embrace the ancient yet timeless wisdom of the Buddha. Guided by our founder, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, we offer classes in meditation and Buddhist philosophy. The benefits of these practices and studies are relevant and applicable to our everyday lives.

Whether you are interested in starting a meditation practice or have been a student of Buddhism for decades, we invite you to join us.

Online Study and Practice Opportunities


Path of Mindful Activity

Path of Mindful Activity: Integrate study and meditation into everyday life and cultivate greater kindness for oneself and others. We can make every moment meaningful

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Sunday Morning Meditation

Sun., February 28, 2021 @ 9:45 am – 10:45 am – Join us on Sunday mornings for online open meditation. In this session, we practice shamatha, or calm abiding meditation. This practice is aimed at allowing the mind to settle and to develop tranquility. It is open to all, beginning and experienced meditators alike. We are meeting on Zoom until it is safe to meet again […]

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Sunday Morning Study – MAH 301 – Heart of Daring

Sun., February 28, 2021 @ 10:45 am – 11:45 am – January 24 – February 28, 2021 This is the first of a six-course series on the Mahayana path which builds on the foundation of Hinayana, expanding from our concern for our own happiness to include that of others. These teachings introduce us to the possibility of transforming even the most negative emotions into positive states […]

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Wednesday Afternoon Meditation and Discussion

Wed., March 3, 2021 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm – Join us on Wednesday evenings 4 – 5 PM for online open meditation and discussion of a small bite of an accessible Buddhist text, such as Lojong slogans or the 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva. After 20 minutes of shamatha (calm abiding) meditation, we discuss that week’s teaching. This meeting is open to all, regardless […]

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