All of the activity of Nalandabodhi is rooted in the intention to awaken hearts and minds to their natural state of compassionate joy. We fulfill this mission by making the timeless Buddhist teachings available in forms that are relevant and applicable to 21st century life. One of the main ways we do this is through the guidance of our teachers. Here, on the East coast, we are fortunate to have Acharya Lhakpa with us. His teaching, kindness and example anchor our communities in the Buddhadharma. Please consider making an offering to support his activities here on the East Coast.


When you give to this fund, you are making an offering towards:

  • Housing costs
  • Food and other basic household costs
  • Health care costs
  • Support for basic living expenses, such as transportation, stipend,

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Note:  Since its founding, Nalandabodhi has operated as a volunteer-driven community. For this reason, our administrative costs are relatively low for a community of this size.

Without your generosity, Nalandabodhi could not play its unique role in fostering the emergence of a genuine 21st century Buddhism. When you support this operating fund, you are supporting our resident teacher and nourishing a vibrant contemporary environment of Buddhist study, meditation, and mindful activity.