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Emotional Rescue

A Sneak Peak of What to Expect from Rinpoche’s New Book, Emotional Rescue

 “The purpose of this book is to introduce certain methods for working with disturbing emotions so that gradually, step by step, we can move from being victims to partners to creative collaborators with these profound energies. When we bring awareness to our emotions, something truly amazing happens. They lose their power to make us miserable.”    ––Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

emotional rescue book coverEmotions bring color and meaning to our lives, but they can also put us on an exhausting rollercoaster ride that takes us to blissful peak states, the depths of delusion and despair, and everything in between. Only by learning to relate to our emotions skillfully can we benefit from their richness and gain wisdom, instead of letting them control us. When we bring awareness to our emotions, something truly amazing happens—they lose their power to make us miserable.

For details about Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche’s upcoming public talk in Philadelphia see our events page here. Rinpoche will teach on the 3-step Emotional Rescue Plan for working with disturbing emotions, from his new book Emotional Rescue: How to Work with Your Emotions to Transform Hurt and Confusion into Energy that Empowers You.

Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche is a widely celebrated Buddhist teacher and author of Rebel Buddha: A Guide to a Revolution of Mind. A lover of music, art and urban culture, Rinpoche is a poet, photographer, accomplished calligrapher and visual artist, as well as a prolific author. Rinpoche is founder and president of Nalandabodhi, an international network of Buddhist centers.


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Mitra Karl – Resurrecting Yogacara

Yogacara or Mind-Only – Public Talk with Mitra Karl

Nalandabodhi Philadelphia was happy to host Mitra Karl Brunnholzl for his recent public talk titled Resurrecting Yogic Insights: Yogacara or Mind Only? Mitra Karl’s talk was co-hosted by Temple University’s Center for the Humanities.


The Tibetan tradition usually speaks of four Buddhist schools: Vaibhashika, Sautrantika, “Mind Only School,” and Madhyamika, and claims that the Mind Only system is inferior to Madhyamika as the superior view. This presentation has also been largely adopted by Western practitioners and even some parts of academia. However, it is a gross oversimplification and misrepresentation of the actual Yogacara system, which was highly influential in Indian Buddhism for more than a millenium. Mitra Karl’s talk  highlighted the major differences between the Yogacara system and the notion of a “Mind Only School.” His talk presented a case for the resurrection of the depth and breadth of the original Yogacara system, as well as its significance for Buddhist practitioners, as opposed to its shadow existence as just something to be refuted and left behind in Tibetan-oriented doxography.

We look forward to hosting Mitra Karl again in the near future as well other visiting Nalandabodhi teachers. Check out our upcoming schedule here for more info!

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Relating With The Wisdom And Power Of Emotions

Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche in Washington D.C. – May 29 and 30th

DPR philly med res

Together with our sangha friends in Washington D.C., Nalandabodhi Philadelphia recently had the good fortune of hosting our teacher, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche.  As usual, Rinpoche gave profound yet easy to grasp teachings on working with our minds emotions and bringing our everyday experience to the path of awakening.  He pointed out that instead of stopping or indulging in strong emotions like anger, anxiety, or fear, we can explore them, giving ourselves time to feel their texture and observe our experience, as it is, and recognize that their basic nature is wisdom.

Having Rinpoche on the East Coast with us in this way was wonderful. We make aspirations that these blessings can continue and that we can put these teachings into practice in a way that benefits both ourselves and others. Many all beings benefit!

Stay tuned for some photos and video of the teachings in D.C.!

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Mahayana 300 – Heart of Daring

Mahayana Study in Philadelphia!

Sundays 1 – 230 PM – Yoga on Main

In the Nalandabodhi Path of Study, our studies of selflessness in the Hinayana are the jumping off point for understanding Mahayana selflessness, which broadens the notion beyond personal selflessness into the vastness of mahashunyata, or the “great emptiness.” The Mahayana Courses begin with an introductory course called “The Heart of Daring.” In these teachings we look at the possibility of generating limitless compassion, the unbounded intention to help all sentient beings, known in Sanskrit as bodhichitta.

This first course in the Mahayana series introduces us to the teachings on selflessness, compassion and the concept of selfless compassion, the stages of the Mahayana path, and the role of the spiritual friend in reaching enlightenment, the goal of the Mahayana path.

This class is open to all, though please contact Tim at philadelphia@nalandabodhi.org if you’re interested but haven’t completed the Introduction or Hinayana courses.

The text for this class can be purchased at the nalandastore

More information about the Nalandabodhi Mahayana Path of Study can be found here.

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Lojong Retreat with Acharya Lhakpa in Philadelphia

Seven Points of Mind Training – Lojong Retreat

Join us as we conclude our study of the Seven Points of Mind Training/Lojong series with a short retreat led by Acharya Lhakpa.

The Lojong slogans of the Seven Points of Mind Training teachings are pith instructions for working with our mind in everyday situations. The study and practice of the slogans provides us with a method for training our mind to reverse self-centeredness and open us to compassion. For over 1000 years, the lojong mind training slogans have been practiced by all the major lineages of Tibetan Buddhism.

Acharya will lead us in practice and discussion of the lojong teachings and provide opportunity for Q&A.  We will practice meditation in a group setting and hopefully deepen our understanding of the ourselves, each other and the dharma. This retreat is open to all.

Nov. 28th – Friday 7 – 9 PM @ Yoga on Main
4363 Main Street 19127(upstairs)

Nov. 29th1C6A9222Saturday 9 AM – 5 PM @ Crazy Cow Cafe
4414 Main Street 19127 (upstairs)
lunch break 12 – 1:30

This retreat is open to all…
Please RSVP to philadelphia@nalandabodhi.org

Suggested donation for Friday night only: $10
Suggested donation for whole retreat: $35
No one turned away for lack of funds.

Please bring a cushion to sit on for Saturday portion of retreat. 

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