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Working Together to Benefit Kids in Philly

Earlier this year, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche asked Nalandabodhi sangha directors worldwide to work together on a project that would have an impact in our local communities. As Rinpoche put it, “it would be good to do one common thing.” That’s how the name of this initiative was born.

It was decided to celebrate One Common Thing on Lhabab Duchen Day (the 26th of October 2013). Based on Rinpoche’s expressed interest, we agreed to place our common efforts on local organizations that focus on the wellbeing of children and youth.

Following Rinpoche’s guidance to bring our practice into action, Nalandabodhi Philadelphia met for a potluck fundraiser/social/practice session to support Kidsbites this past weekend.  This program, run by Philabundance, provides access to nutritious food at schools in low-income areas. “Food is distributed once a month allowing families of the students at the partner school to choose from available food options, including fresh produce, protein and dairy. The ability to choose promotes a sense of dignity for families.”  We will support Kidsbites financially, and we can also volunteer at the monthly food distribution sites at either of the 2 schools. Conveniently, there is a partner school located near each of our two NB Philly branches!


It was great getting to know each other better over a meal as well!

It’s wonderful to see what all of our NB centers/study groups have decided to do in an effort to help children.



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