Working with Stress

How do we work with stress in our every day lives?

Here in the West we are often directly confronted with the stress of our hectic day to day schedules. In between running from one thing to the next, working, child care, and just trying to make ends meet, we are often at a loss for finding peace.  From the Buddhist point of view, instead of endlessly struggling to find peace outside of ourselves, we have the capacity to get know our minds and, in so doing, develop a sense of relaxation. In the video below, Rinpoche offers wisdom for the Buddhist tradition on working with our mind, no matter how stressful our situation.

“We don’t have to change everything about who we are and what we do. As the Buddha taught, we can return to a state of simplicity and relaxation through the practice of mindfulness. We can begin by pausing and bringing awareness to our thoughts and emotional reactions. We can take one small step at a time towards waking up in the present moment. That’s where we hear a note of music and feel its life force. It’s where we enjoy a laugh, soothe our aches and pains, and feel our heart opening.” -DPR

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